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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report July 18, 2014


The surface fishing is outstanding at dusk on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River

The surface fishing for smallmouth bass is very good and this should continue until fall.  Several evenings ago I got to the North Fork of the Shenandoah River downstream from Edinburg at 6:30 in the evening.  In the next two hours I caught dozens of smallmouth on the Shenandoah Blue Popper size 6, Shenandoah Chartreuse Chugger size 4 and Shenandoah Sunfish Slider size 4.  The Clinch River above Nash’s Ford and the James above Buchanan are also excellent.


Trout Fishing Report July 18, 2014


Natural caddisflies are an important food for the trout in many mountain streams now

 Mountain Trout Streams- Many mountain streams have very good hatches of caddis now and you can make very good catches with a Mr. Rapidan Delta Wing Caddis Olive size 16.  The pupa of this caddis drifts a long distance just below the surface before emerging so the Murray’s Caddis Pupa Olive 14 or Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle Olive 16 is very effective either fished along or below the dry as a dropper.  Both the streams in the Appalachians and The Blue Ridge provide this great fishing.





Jeff catches many large trout on Shenk’s Cress Bugs below the springs on large trout streams

Stocked Trout Streams- As these streams become warmer many of the large trout move in below the springs to feed.  The natural cress bugs and shrimp are found here in large numbers especially on streams such as Big Stoney, Back Creek and Bullpasture.  Shenk’s Cress Bug in 14 & 16 and Shrimp 14 are very effective.


Trout Fishing Report July 11, 2014


Since trout feed on a broad variety of insects one can often fool them with “change of pace flies”

Mountain Trout Streams- Sneak in below each pool and try to spot the trout on the feeding stations.  Fish to the closest ones first and release each one carefully into the lower part of the pool.  This way yo can catch several more in each pool.  Good flies now are the Murray’s Housefly 14, Mr. Rapidan Ant 16 and Murray’s Inchworm 14.





The rotting log behind Jeff rained many beetles into the stream and Jeff fooled this rainbow on a Murray’s Flying Beetle

Large Trout Streams- Large trout in large streams feed aggressively on the natural foods which are available to them.  By matching these and fishing their primary summer feeding stations you will get great action.  For me this means fishing Shenk’s Cricket 14 and Shenk’s Letort Hopper 14 along the undercut banks and Murray’s Flying Beetle 14 along downed timber and bank side shrubs.




Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report July 10, 2014


Where there is fast or deep water close to the grass beds a fast sinking shiner streamer such as the Murray’s Heavy Shiner is a good choice

The bass are feeding heavily on the natural shiner minnows that live in and around the aquatic grassbeds that line some of the river banks and encircle some of the mid-river ledges.  If the water adjacent to these grassbeds is over 3 feet deep I use a Murray’s Heavy Shiner Streamer 6, if it is less than that I use a Silver Outcast 4 or Shenandoah Silver Ghost Streamer 6.


Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report July 3, 2014


You can catch many bass on Shiner Streamers such as the Silver Outcast around the aquatic grassbeds where they feed on the real silver minnow

Now that the aquatic grassbeds are forming we are catching many nice bass and streamers which match the shiner minnows which live in these grassbeds.  I like to cast my streamers tight against the grassbeds and strip them slowly out into the river.  If the water is 3 feet deep or less I use a Silver Outcast 4 or Shenandoah Simple Silver Ghost 6.  If the water is over 3 feet deep I use a Murray’s Heavy Shiner Streamer 6.


Trout Fishing Report July 3, 2014


Large wild rainbow trout in mountain streams will often take “change of pace” flies when they refuse standard flies

Mountain Trout Streams- The major hatches are over o the mountain streams so the trout must feed on any natural insects that float down the streams.  This is where i go to my “change of pace flies.”  Some good ones are the Murray’s Inchworm 14, Mr. Rapidan Ant 16 and Murray’s Housefly 14.  Fish these on 6X and use a very low cautious approach.  Do not false cast over the pool you plan to fish bt make your measuring cast well to the side of the pool.




The author depends strongly on Ed Shenk’s Cricket to catch large brown trout all across the country

Large Trout Streams- The meadows along these streams are loaded with grasshoppers and crickets and many of the shrubs are covered with beetles.  By fishing Shenk’s Cricket 14, Shenk’s Letort Hopper 14 and Murray’s Flying Beetle 14 along the banks of 6X you will catch many trout that are accustomed to feeding on the naturals.  Experiment between a natural dead drift and a twitching action to see which is the most productive.


Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report June 26, 2014


Because of the method of constructing the Murray’s Heavy Hellgrammite they are very effective fished down and across stream

The smallmouth bass are feeding heavily on natural hellgrammites and you can catch many large bass on the Murray’s Heavy Hellgrammites in Black, Olive and Brown in size 6.   The way I designed these enable us to fish them across stream and swim them naturally along the stream bottom just like a real hellgrammite.


Trout Fishing Report June 26, 2014


The Murray’s Flying Beetle is helping Harry catch many trout in the mountains now

Mountain Trout- I’m having excellent dry fly fishing with the Murray’s Flying Beetle in all of our mountain trout streams now.  Many large trout are holding on the lips of the pools and on the sides of the incoming riffles and take these quickly.  As the streams drop I use the smaller sizes.





At dusk many large trout can be taken with a dry fly and dropper combination

Stocked Trout Streams- There are many large rainbows and browns in these streams that are feeding well at dusk.  Watch for rising trout and drift a Mr. Rapidan Dry 16 over them on 5X.  If you don’t see feeding trout put a nymph such as a BH Copper John Zebra 16 or a BH Squirrel Nymph 16 of a 2 foot 6X dropper below the Mr. Rapidan Dry and cover the water .  Good streams now are Rock Castle Creek. Big Cedar Creek and Big Stoney at Edinburg.



Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report June 19, 2014


I catch many large bass by fishing the Murray’s Heavy Hellgrammites upstream dead drift starting in the flat water right below the riffles

The natural hellgrammites are very active in the riffles now and the bass are feeding heavily upon them.  I often start right below the riffles and fish my Murray’s Heavy Hellgrammite size 6 upstream dead drift through all of the pockets over 3 feet deep.  I experiment back and forth with the Black, Olive and Brown colors because some days I find one color is more productive than the other.  Especially good areas are above the Nash Ford on the Clinch River and from Woodstock to Edinburg on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River.


Trout Fishing Report June 19, 2014


Mountain Trout Streams- Last week I had outstanding dry fly fishing on mountain trout streams on the Murray’s Flying Beetle.  Since the hatches are becoming sparse the trout seemed greed to take the beetles.  In the heavy water I use the size 14, on the flat water I use size 16 and I drop down to size 18 when the streams get low.  Both the Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains have many great streams that provide this action.





Fishing a dry fly with a nymph dropper is very effective for large browns in our large streams

Delayed Harvest & Stocked Trout Streams- Now that these streams are dropping you will find some areas that give good dry fly fishing while just a few yards away you will catch more trout on nymphs.  The Bullpasture, Jackson and Big Stoney are good examples of this.  This is a perfect time to fish a Mr. Rapidan Dry 16 on the surface with a nymph such as a BH Copper John Zebra 16 or a Bead Head Squirrel Nymph 16 on a 2 foot dropper below it.