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Murray's Deluxe Bass Popping Bug Fly Assortment

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In our recent video Harry Murray describes where and when to use the different hard bodied bugs in the Shenandoah Popper Series. This includes the Shenandoah Slider, Shenandoah Chugger and the Shenandoah Popper.  Due to shortage of supplies the fly box provided may vary in size/compartments for this assortment but fly selection will be the same. This fly assortment includes 7 of our top selling hard head popping bugs in a 6 compartment fly box.

  • Shenandoah Blue Popper size 4
  • Shenandoah Blue Popper size 6
  • Shenandoah Chartreuse Chugger size 4
  • Shenandoah Sunfish Slider size 6
  • Murray's Bass Popper Frog size 6
  • Murray's Bass Popper Black size 6
  • Murray's Bass Popper Chartreuse size 6
  • 6 compartment fly box with flies labeled

Fly Fishing Hard Bodied Bugs - Popping Bugs from Murray's Fly Shop on Vimeo.

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