Art Flicks Streamside Guide to Naturals and Their Imitations

Streamside Guide to Naturals and their Imitations

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A handsome new edition of the classic by Art Flick, the man who have American fly fishers their first usable, portable text for "matching the hatch" at stream side. Still an essential text for anglers old and new, the Streamside Guide is the highly readable handbook to the major mayfly species of the eastern seaboard, providing step-by-step instruction for identifying these insects and selecting the proper flies. Flick's masterful text is a key to his beloved Catskills rivers, the epicenter of American fly fishing. With a new foreword by David Klaustmeyer, Editor of Fly Tyer magazine, this classic work has a full-color insert depicting original fly patterns tied by the author. 

By: Art Flick

Paperback, 174 pages