The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide (softcover)

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Now for the first time in full color, The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide appears in a completely revised and updated edition that solidifies its place as the flagship title of the Orvis books. A best-selling, full illustrated, and comprehensive book, this large-format volume has been required reading for every anglers for the past two decades. With new illustrations and painting by renowned fly-fishing artist Bob White, the wholly rewritten edition addresses every significant requirement of the sport and provides an excellent foundation for pleasurable years of fishing. Included here are instructions for tackle selection; casting and presentation; flies and their specific uses; essential knots and how to tie them properly; successful techniques on stream pond, or ocean; and information on the best tackle, flies, and methods for pursuing major gamefish in fresh and salt water, from bluegill to tarpon.

By: Tom Rosenbauer

Paperback, 271 pages