Neoprene Reel Cover

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Protect your reel when storing it in a boat, car or at home. This padded neoprene pouch is designed to fit your reel either when it's mounted on the rod or when it is stored alone. Velcro closure  (Reel and rod are not included)

Available in 3 sizes to fit most reels.

Size 3.25" fits small delicate reels like the Orvis Battenkill Disc I or Hardy Marquis LWT 2/3

Size 5" fits medium size reels like the Orvis Clearwater II, Orvis Battenkill Disc III, Hatch 3 Plus, Hardy Marquis LWT 4

Size 6" fits larger reels like the Orvis Clearwater IV, Orvis Battenkill Disc IV, Hatch 5 Plus