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Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfits

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This fly fishing outfit is great for someone just getting into the sport and looking for a good quality set up.  People often associate high dollar price tags on fly rods with high performance, the encounter outfit proves that wrong as this is a nice casting medium action fly rod, easy to use reel, and great fly line. These are very popular outfits for beginners and they are also a favorite of guides to use as a backup. This outfit includes an Orvis Encounter Fly Rod, Encounter Fly Reel, weight forward fly line, backing and fly rod tube. The outfits are set up for left hand retrieve. Box includes instructions to easily change to right hand retrieve if needed.

905-4 , 906-4, 908-4 Fly Fishing Outfits come with an Orvis Encounter IV Reel.

Recommended leader for this outfit for Trout is Murray's Classic 9 foot Leader.

Recommended leader for this outfit for Panfish is Murray's Bright Butt 9 foot Leader.