Orvis Helios 3D Saltwater Fly Rods

Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rods

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Orvis Helios 3 Saltwater Fly Rods

No one else has ever approached rod design with the express intent of increasing accuracy. You hear about power, sensitivity, and lifting power. What if you could have all of that plus extreme accuracy? This is the roadmap the Orvis rod designers took when designing the new Helios 3 rods.

How is the Helios 3 better than Helios 2?

  • It is more accurate--They're accurate way out there at the end of your casting range, even in strong winds.
  • New materials that have the right combination of stiffness and strength, which allowed Orvis to build a thinner and more precise bland that would translate casting energy better than anything so far. New raw materials are used on the tips of the Helios 3 rods that gives a lighter tip and a quicker recovery weight, while increasing strength at the same time.
  • New construction--Orvis developed a flag construction technique that has resulted in increased hoop strength and smoother loading and unloading of energy during casting.
  • New taper using a combination of raw graphite materials, thermoplastic resins (with the Orvis patented process) and scrim. 
  • Precision blank matching--Technically, graphite blanks are not perfectly circular. Matching each section of each blank is an exacting process that requires a special skill, and each rod must be done separately. Orvis has developed a system to make sure that each rod that leaves their shop is perfectly tuned to take every advantage of the new technology.
  • It's stronger--The new Helios 3 rods are 17% stronger than the Helios 2 rods.
  • It feels lighter in the hand--although overall Helios 3 rods are about the same physical weight as the Helios 2 rods, they feel lighter in the hand.


  • Matte Midnight Blank
  • Reel seat is type III anodized aluminum Midnight black w/ Matte Midnight carbon insert
  • Blue accent wrap
  • Black/black main wraps
  • REC recoil snake guides
  • SiC/titanium stripping guides
  • Aluminum rod tube made in USA
  • 25 year warranty