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Deluxe Trout Fly Tying Kit (vise not included)

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This Deluxe Trout Fly Tying Kit includes top of the line tools and materials to help you tie dry flies as small as size 24 and nymphs and streamers as large as size 6.

The Metz Dry Fly Necks included in this kit will enable you to tie high-floating very durable dry flies such as the Mr. Rapidan, March Browns, Griffith Gnat and many more. The materials included in this fly tying kit are the same as I use in my own fly tying.  

We intentionally do not include the fly tying vise because we wanted to leave that option up to you and which would fit your budget.  I personally recommend the Renzetti Pedestal Base Vise if it is in your budget.  This is a premium vise which will last many years without fail. Please give us a call or drop us an email if you need help selecting your fly tying vise, this is not a tool to choose without thought.
Trout Fly Tying Kit includes: Indian Speckled Saddle Skin Hen Back, Select Saddle Hackle- Black, Peacock Eye Package, Marabou- White, Dyed Woodduck Mallard Flanks package, Marabou- Black, Estaz- Olive, Estaz- White, Estaz- Black, Chenille- Brown Medium, Chenille- Black Medium, Select Saddle Hackle Olive, Moose Body Hair- Natural, Deer Hair- Brown, Flat Mylar Tinsel- Silver/Gold, Non-Toxic Wire- Small, Fine Wire, Small Silver Wire, Buck Tail Pieces- White, Buck Tail Pieces- Black, Elk Body Hair- Natural Dark, Fly Rite Dubbing- Black, Fly Rite Dubbing- Golden Yellow, Fly Rite Dubbing- Quill Gordon Brown Drake Yellow, Fly Rite Dubbing- Pale Morning Dun, Natural Fur Blend Dubbing- Natural Black Squirrel, Natural Fur Blend Dubbing- Fox Squirrel, Griffin Bodkin, 
Matarelli Style Whip Finisher (Rotating), Griffin Dubbing Twister, Griffin Hair Evener, Dubbing Wax, Hackle Pliers Midge, Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Standard Straight, Tiemco Scissors Curved, 6/0 Fly Tying Thread 200yd Cream, 6/0 Fly Tying Thread 200yd Orange, 3/0 Fly Tying Thread 100yd Olive, MFS Head Cement,
Mustad 3906B Wet Nymph (25 hooks) 12, Mustad 3906B Wet Nymph (25 hooks) 14, Mustad 9672 Streamer Hook (25 hooks) 10, Mustad 9672 Streamer Hook (25 hooks) 12, Mustad 94840 (25 hooks) 16, Mustad 94840 (25 hooks) 14, Metz Neck Brown Grade 3, Metz Neck Grizzly Grade 3