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  • Blue Sky Furled Tapered Leader UltraLight 0-3 Weight
  • Blue Sky Furled Leader Light 3-5 weight
  • Blue Sky Furled Leader Medium 6-8 weight
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Ray Rumpf

Blue Sky Furled Tapered Leader

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Blue Sky Furled Tapered Leaders--Some anglers like these leaders much better than braided leaders because they cast much more smoothly and give better accuracy and delicacy. The furled leaders are definitely better than knotless leaders because they turn over much more accurately. For dry fly fishing the tight loop the furled leader delivers gives great fly accuracy.

I get the best performance with the furled trout leaders in both the 0-3 weight and 3-5 weight by attaching 10 inches of 3X tippet to the tip of the leader then add 24 inches of 5X to this. As the streams get low in the summer and I use smaller flies I will cut the 5X back to 10 inches and add 24 inches of 6X.

The furled bass/panfish leader in 6-8 weight perform best by attaching 10 inches of 0X to the tip of the furled leader.  To this attach 24 inches of 2X tippet.  You will tie your fly to the 2X tippet.