Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Siege Fly Line

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The short powerful head makes it easy to cast all size surface bugs and streamers accurately with a minimum of false casting because this shoots so smoothly. Most anglers will easily add 20% more distance to their casts with this line.   Recommended Leaders:  Bass Bug Leader 9ft 2X for surface fishing and Bright Butt Leader 9ft 2X for nymphs and streamers

  •  Sharkskin texturing on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation
  • Mastery Textured running line delivers longer casts without abrasion
  • Features the Tactile Reference Point (TRP), a non-embossed section at the end of the head
  • For throwing big flies with minimal backcasts
  • Short, powerful head perfect for tossing streamers
  • For temperate climates
  • SA ID - SA SW SG WF X F  (X = line weight)
  • Color: Sunrise/Heron/Willow