Abel Trout Series Fly Fishing Reels

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Abel Trout Series Fly Reels & Spools - Originally designed in 1992, then reintroduced in 2008, the Abel Trout series reels offers a basic, beautiful standard-arbor reel with classic lines combined with the sound and traditional smoothness of an adjustable click-and-pawl drag system. These featherweight fly reels offer the fly fishing purist a reel true to the classic origins of the sport, but manufactured with modern materials to Abel's exacting standards.

Made in the USA

Reel Dimensions:

TR Light - Line: 1,2 | Weight: 3.1 oz. | Backing: 50 yards
TR 1 - Line: 3,4 | Weight: 4.0 oz. | Backing: 100 yards
TR 2 - Line: 5,6 | Weight: 4.3 oz. | Backing: 130 yards

MFS Recommended - We currently use one of the original 1992 TR2 Reel in our On the Stream Schools - It's still going strong and working flawlessly after years of hard use.
Abel Reels are surely a product you only buy once because they will last a lifetime with just a little care.