Abel Super Series Large Arbor Reels and Spools

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Abel Super Series Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reels & Spools have been available since 1999 in a size for every fish that swims, the Abel Super Series has proven itself time and again as the premier American-made reel. While there have been various improvements and adjustments over the years, there are things that have never changed. Specifically, a super-smooth, infinitely adjustable cork drag married to a strong, lightweight aluminum frame and large spool for increased line retrieval speed.

This drag is what makes the Super Series equally at home on the trout stream, the salt flats, and demanding deep blue water: it can be set light enough to protect the finest tippet but also can be cranked down to 'stop a sub' power to slow the fastest bluefin. No matter what species you prefer to chase, a Super Series reel is there to help you land it!  Black Coral color.  Black Satin can be special ordered.

Made in the USA

Reel Dimensions:

3N: Line size 3-4 | Weight 4.2 oz | Backing 75 yards

4N: Line size 4-5 | Weight 4.6 oz | Backing 100 yards

5N: Line size 5-6 | Weight 5 oz | Backing 125 yards

6N: Line size 6-7 | Weight 5.6 oz | Backing 125 yards

7/8N: Line size 7-8 | Weight 6.8 oz | Backing 200 yards

9: Line size 9-10 | Weight 8.4 oz | Backing 225 yards

11: Line size 10-11 | Weight 8.6 oz | Backing 250 yards

12X: Line size 11-12 | Weight 9.7 oz | Backing 325 yards