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  • Jackknife Musky Fly Red/White
  • Jackknife Fly Black/Purple
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Broyhill's Jackknife Musky Fly

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This 8-inch long attractor musky streamer is ideal to use as a searching fly when you want to cover a great amount of water effectively.  It has great fish-appeal and in clear water the fish can see it from 10 to 20 feet away.  A rapid two-foot long line hand stripping action every 10 seconds often brings violent strikes. Due to the size of the hook and the hard mouth of the musky a firm line-hand strike with a simultaneously powerful rod-lofting strike helps assure a solidly hooked musky.  Red/White Size 3/0

This streamer has great appeal for large musky in slightly discolored water and in very deep cuts between river-crossing ledges.  Its dark color and 8 inch length present a realistic minnow and bait-fish outline which the musky can easily see.  Swim this very deeply by stripping it with a realistic fast strip-pause-strip action.  In order to hook these musky solidly use a powerful two foot line hand stripping action while imparting a firm rod-lifting strike.  Black/Purple size 3/0