Fishing Limestone Streams

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Limestone streams are some of the most unique and challenging fly-fishing waters in the eastern United Stats, flowing through storied fishing regions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. These perfect trout havens, with their continuously cool temperatures and voluminous insect hatches, are essential destinations for the fly fisher. In Fishing Limestone Streams, Charles Meck, who has spent forty years studying and fishing limestones, explains the nature of these water, how they differ from freestone streams, and why they are such an important part of the environment and the fishing experience. In a highly detailed stream-by-stream breakdown, Meck guides you to fifty top waters and instructs you how to catch the ever-smart trout there. Meck examines the numerous insects found in limestone streams, clarifying these with useful charts for important hatches such as the Trico, Sulphur, Green Drake, and Blue-Winged Olive. He also discusses other important trout food, including midges, caddisflies, and stoneflies. Limestone streams can be highly technical waters, but Meck dispels those troubles with a thorough chapter on tactics. He explains leaders and tippets, tricks like sinking the dun or spinner pattern, how to set up a tandem rig, how to use the weather to your advantage, and how to choose the right pattern for trout that have passed up fly after fly all season. Eventually, every anglers must make a journey to a limestone stream, and this book can help make that trip a successful one. Once on the water, you will see why Meck calls these resources "gems", and understand why all anglers should support the valiant conservation effects undertaken to restore and protect these streams.

By: Charles Meck

Hardback, 202 pages