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Flyfisher's Guide to New Jersey by Tom Gilmore

Flyfisher's Guide to New Jersey by Tom Gilmore

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A coldwater, warmwater and saltwater guidebook for New Jersey, paperback, 319 pages

Few states can offer the angling diversity that New Jersey can, which is why Tom Gilmore and Wilderness Adventures Press bring you the brand-new Flyfisher's Guide to New Jersey.

New Jersey's Highlands are reminiscent of New England, and its fall foliage rivals that of Vermont and New Hampshire. Its glacial lakes provide year-round fishing for salmonid species like rainbow, brown, and lake trout and even landlocked salmon. The freestone trout streams found in New Jersey's Ridge and Valley physiographic province rival those found in the nearby Pocono and Catskills Mountains, and it even has a smattering of limestone spring creeks. The state's Pinelands harbor countless bass and pickerel lakes as well as crappies.

New Jersey also has 127 miles of ocean-front beaches with ample public access. Its back bays, estuaries and tidal wetlands serve as nurseries for its many saltwater gamefish. Inshore and offshore opportunities for tuna, bluefish, marlin and more are also covered.

Gilmore's 50-plus years of first-hand fishing knowledge guides readers as to where, when and how to catch over 30 species of gamefish. Over 200 freshwater and saltwater locations are covered in this guide, alongside dozens of detailed maps with GPS coordinates for access points, public and private lands, boat ramps, campgrounds, access roads and more.

Flyfisher's Guide to New Jersey is a must read for every fisherman (not just flyfisherman) who lives in or plans to visit New Jersey.

Yes, you can flyfish in New Jersey. Learn all about it with the Flyfisher's Guide to New Jersey.