Hatch Gen 2 Finatic Fly Reel

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Hatch Fly Reel SALE---While supplies last. No reels are left in stock--only spare spools.    Whether you aspire to be the best trout fisherman with a 2 to 3 weight, an avid saltwater fisherman for bonefish/steelhead, or anything in between--these reels are for you. All Hatch reels are protected with a Type II Anodize finish and feature their signature matte mist finish.  Best of all--They are made in the USA.   Featured color: Black/Silver

 Reel Specs
2 Plus Reel--Small water perfection. Rated for 2 through 4 weight lines, weighs only 3.2 oz. without line, and measures 3” in diameter. Match up with your favorite lightweight fly rod and you’re ready to fish any small stream, lake, or favorite dry fly stretch of water. Fully CNC machined with a proprietary Rulon/Stainless Steel stacked disk drag
3 Plus Reel--The 3 Plus is capable of running 3–5 weight lines with ample backing capacity. Perfect for pairing up with a 4wt rod for balance and finesse. Pefect for dry fly applications. Measures 3.25" in diameter and weighs 4.8oz.
4 Plus Reel--Great for dry fly or nymph fishing on a 5-weight rod, even though it works well with a 4 or 6 weight as well.  Line Size 4-6, Measures 3.425" and weighs 4.9oz.
5 Plus Reel--This reel has been in the Hatch Reel line longer than any other reel. Originally called the 56, the 5 Plus is the size that started it all. Designed for 5-7 weight rods and bigger flies. Measures 3.625" in diameter and weighs 6.2oz.
7 Plus Reel--If you are planning on fishing for bonefish to permit, or steelhead to carp then this reel has you covered. The perfect crossover for salt and freshwater fly fishing. Designed for line sizes 7-9, Measures 4" in diameter and weights 8.4oz.
For complete reel specifications including lines and backing...click here.