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March Bass Fly Special

March Bass Fly Special

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I decided that if I could develop one fly that could pass for both natural minnows and natural nymphs I’d be ahead of the game. Thus, I developed the Strymph. The black is a good match for the natural hellgrammites, the olive matches the dace minnows, and the cream matches the chub minnows.


1-Strymph, Olive size 4

1-Strymph, Olive size 8

1-Strymph, Olive size 10

2-Strymph, Black size 4

2-Strymph, Black size 8

1-Strymph, Black size 10

1-Strymph, Cream size 4

1-Strymph, Cream size 8

1-Strymph, Cream size 10