Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reel

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The Hydros® SL challenges everything you know about fly reels. A superlarge arbor means quick retrieval rates. A sealed carbon drag—the clutch bearing is fully sealed inside the drag mechanism—means this reel is ready for whatever conditions you choose to throw at it. And we made the drag stronger with zero start-up inertia and an asymmetric drag knob for tactile, no-look drag adjustments. A narrow spool means less line stacking, and we added an increased backing capacity. Combined with an ultrafast retrieval rate, this puts you in control of the fight. Imported.
  • Large arbor fly reel
  • Fully sealed drag-clutch bearing
  • Narrow spool for less line stacking and increased backing capacity
  • Ergonomically designed asymmetric drag knob
  • 3x stronger drag with zero start-up inertia
  • Black Nickel color
 Model Line wts Weight in oz. Diameter Backing in yards
Hydros SL II 3-5 5.6 3 1/2" 125
Hydros SL III 5-7 5.9 4 125