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Orvis Recon Saltwater Fly Rod

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Reach for a Recon saltwater fly rod to tackle big game—this outfit won’t flinch when it comes to hard work. We’ve engineered the Recon series for precise casting, with options that perform exceptionally well on big water or in close quarters. Punch through the wind to drop your fly on the nose of your quarry—this powerful rod is surprisingly light in hand and delicate enough to manage the spookiest of fish. Recon puts a little muscle into the match: The fighting butt offers ideal leverage so you can win more of those sweat-breaking battles against coveted big game fish. Our Recon saltwater rods are available in the length and weight combos you prefer, and each offers plenty of backbone to get the job done. Stalk the flats with Recon’s easy-to-cast, pinpoint-accurate fly-fishing rods and outfits to add more fish stories to your repertoire.

  • Made in USA
  • Big game/saltwater models are matte blue with charcoal and light blue accents
  • Pewter type III anodized solid aluminum reel seat
  • Silver snake and stripping guides
  • Nylon rod tube with cloth sack
  • 25-year guarantee
 Model Length Line/Pcs
R906-4 9' #6/4pc
R966-4 9'6" #6/4pc
R907-4 9' #7/4pc
R107-4 10' #7/4pc
R908-4 9' #8/4pc
R108-4 10' #8/4pc
R909-4 9' #9/4pc
R910-4 9' #10/4pc
R912-4 9' #12/4pc