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Revivex Waterproofing Soak 8oz.

Revivex Waterproofing Soak 8oz.

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Gear Aid ReviveX Waterproofing Soak

is designed for those looking for a longer lasting, eco-friendly, air drying, wash in DWR-restoring water repellent that even works on cotton.  (DWR = Durable Water Repellent)
One treatment with ReviveX® Waterproofing Soak by Gear Aid™ creates and restores water repellency all season long.  
Just pre-wash with ReviveX Pro Cleaner, add one ounce to your sink or washing machine and tumble dry. It'll add a protective layer to fight the elements, without impacting breathability. You'll be extending the life of your favorite Carhartt® workwear, rain gear, fleece, or other garments.
Plus, it's fluorine free and guarenteed to perform.
Why do you need to re-apply the DWR? As you use your gear the factory DWR wears off especially in high wear areas.  You need to re-apply the DWR to maintain the water repellency and breathability of your gear.  
How do I know if I need to re-apply the DWR?  Does water bead up on your jacket, hat, gloves or waders?  If not then your garment is absorbing water instead of repelling it.

The price of outdoor gear isn't going down.  Learn how to waterproof your jacket or waders and care for your gear to extend their use a few more seasons.  We personally use this product on our waterproof gear every year.