Ross Cimarron II 9/10 Reel and Extra Spool SALE

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The Ross Cimmaron II Model 9/10 Reel and Extra Spool are made in the USA.   On Sale for over 35% off.   

Porting Design--It is a very lightweight reel with strength and rigidity.  Both the frame and the spool are each machined from a solid piece of 6061 aerospace grad aluminum allow and Type II anodized for a hard, durable finish.

Improved Drag System---The Delrin 500AF Teflon-impregnated drag system has been upgraded with new composite materials and stainless steel components, resulting in over the twice the drag strength of its predecessor, the CLA.  The new stainless steel thrust washer gives the Cimarron II the ability to withstand years of abuse while retaining a silky smooth start-up inertia that protects light tippets.

Square Drag Knob--new ruggedly designed, square-shaped drag knob that provides a strong, positive grip in all types of fishing conditions. This is constructed from a precision  molded, high-performance polymer designed to withstand years of abuse.

Machined Handle--Built for Grip--composite handle has an engineered hourglass shape for improved grip and control.  The micro-grooved finish provides a tacky surface even in the wettest conditions.

Metal Hub & Release Housing--new spool hub and quick-release housing are now made of fully machined aluminum that is hard anodized for increased durability and ease in exchanging spools.

Black Color

Models  Line Weight Width (Spool) Diameter Weight
9/10 9-10 1.17" 4.25" 7.54oz.