Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Siege Fly Line

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The Sharkwave Siege Floating Fly Line is the finest bass line I've ever used. The short powerful head makes it easy to cast all size surface bugs and streamers accurately with a minimum of false casting because this shoots so smoothly. Most anglers will easily add 20% more distance to their casts with this line.   Recommended Leaders:  Bass Bug Leader 9ft 2X for surface fishing and Bright Butt Leader 9ft 2X for nymphs and streamers

  •  Sharkskin texturing on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation
  • Mastery Textured running line delivers longer casts without abrasion
  • Features the Tactile Reference Point (TRP), a non-embossed section at the end of the head
  • For throwing big flies with minimal backcasts
  • Short, powerful head perfect for tossing streamers
  • For temperate climates
  • SA ID - SA SW SG WF X F  (X = line weight)
  • Color: Sunrise/Heron/Willow