Scott G Series 906-4 Fly Rod Outfit

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Scott G Series 9ft 6-weight 4pc complete fly fishing outfit.

The Scott GS 906 is the most versatile 6 weight fly rod I have ever used. One can easily fish size 22 dry flies on a 6X Leader with great delicacy and accuracy and have great confidence on setting the hook smoothly on the strike.  The smooth loading action also gives us the ability to fish size 6 streamers on a fast sinking head fly line in the largest pools.  These qualities make it the ideal single rod for Western Trout Fishing as well as Large Eastern Trout Streams.

Outfit  includes:

  • Scott GS906/4 rod with case and lifetime warranty
  • Orvis Battenkill Disc III Reel
  • Scientific Angler Boost WF-6 Floating Fly Line
  • 20lb 100yds backing

I will gladly set up the line and backing on the reel before shipping.  Just email me your order number and let me know if you reel with your right or left hand so that I can set it up properly before shipping.