Scott Flex 907-4 Bass Fly Rod and Reel Combo

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Bass Fly Rod and Reel Outfits--Scott Flex Fly Rods.  I find that bass fishing is most pleasant if I choose a fly rod which helps me present the flies accurately on both long and short casts with a minimum amount of work. This Scott Flex 907/4 rod is an outstanding bass rod.  It is also a superb trout streamer rod for the Rockies.

Outfit includes

  • Scott Flex 9ft, 7-weight, 4pc fly rod with case and lifetime warranty
  • Orvis Battenkill Disc III Reel
  • Scientific Anglers Frequency Boost Fly Line WF-7-F
  • Scientific Anglers Backing 100yds 20 pound

I will gladly put the line and backing on the reel for you when you order.  Just email us or call us and let us know if you reel with your right or left hand.