September Trout Flies Special

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Here is a pattern which matches the natural which is almost always around our trout streams and which the trout take even when it's not. I had large browns take it on Nelsons when they were feeding on a Blue Wing Olive hatch.  I also had large rainbows take it on the Madison when they were feeding on large stonefly nymphs. I'm referring to a Dry Black Ant.  This special includes:

  • 2-Mr. Rapidan Ant size 14
  • 2-Mr. Rapidan Ant size 16
  • 2-Hi-Viz Foam Ant size 16
  • 2-Hi Viz Foam Ant size 18
  • 2-Parachute Black Ant size 14
  • 2-Parachute Black Ant size 16
  • 2-FREE Classic 9ft 6X Leaders