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Skulpin Bunny

Skulpin Bunny

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All Skulpin Bunny Streamers are tied with sculpin helmets which make them exceptionally heavy. This helps us fish them deeply and the helmet has a very realistic sculpin minnow appearance which by design makes the fly ride hook point up.

Crawdad- Fish these along the cobblestone stream bottoms with a slow two inch darting action to make them look like a real crawdad scooting along the stones.

Brown, Olive & Olive Yellow- All three of these streamers are good sculpin imitations and are very effective when fished with a slow stripping action below the riffles.

Grizzly- These look much like the natural madtoms that large bass feed upon. Fish them over the cobblestone stream bottoms by stripping them six inches very ten seconds.  

Sand- This easily passes for natural dace minnows. Fish them in the tails of the pools and along the shaded river banks.

We recommend fishing these on a 6 weight fly rod or larger.