The Orvis Vest Pocket Guide to Leaders, Knots, and Tippets

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When you look at all those photographs on fly-fishing websites of happy anglers holding up excellent fish, you know one thing for sure: the knots did not break. Maybe the fly selection was a little off, and the rod handling a little rough, but the leader and tippet held. The catch of your lifetime could hinge on a single blood knot. That is where this book comes in. 

With its numerous, easy-to-follow diagrams, The Orvis Vest Pocket Guide to Leaders, Knots, and Tippets offer proper instruction for:

  • Tying correctly the most useful and effective knots in fly fishing
  • Constructing strong leaders that cast smoothly
  • Understanding knot and tippet breaking strength
  • Selecting tippets for various fish species and flies, including the newest fluorocarbons

Take this book with you, it is meant to travel, and you will have the instruction you need with you on the water. When you know that you tie knots and leaders that hold, you can fish confidently.

By Tom Rosenbauer

Softcover, 145 pages