Tying Murray's Custom Trout Flies Class

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Fly Tying Class where we will be tying 4 of Harry Murray's Custom Trout Flies

For those of you that have already been tying flies but need a little extra practice or want to learn how to tie some of my specific trout patterns then I recommend that you join us for this two hour class.  I have two goals in this class: 1) I want to teach you a variety of techniques which will help you greatly as you go forward to tie more complicated flies, 2) I will teach you how to tie four of the most productive flies I have designed for trout fishing all across the country. 

Flies we will be tying:

  • Murray's Flying Beetle
  • Murray's Dark Stonefly Nymph
  • Shenandoah Simple Streamer, Skunk
  • Murray's Betsy Streamer

An important part of this class will be my discussion of why I have selected the various components of each fly as we tie it. It is very important that each component contribute to the effectiveness of each fly when we are fishing it.  Example: Why use elk hair caddis on the Flying Beetle or calf tail on the Betsy Streamer?


  • Each participant must have some basic knowledge of fly tying and the recommended age is 16 and over.
  • 5 Basic Tools that participant must either bring with them to the class or purchase at the class
    • Vise
    • Scissors
    • Bobbin
    • Hackle Pliers
    • Dubbing Needle
  • Upon registration a complete list of materials needed to tie the 4 trout flies for the class will be emailed to the participant.  Each participant will be required to either bring these materials or purchase them. If you have to purchase all of the materials (not including the 5 basic tools) the extra cost would be approximately $80 for the 4 custom tying kits.