Umpqua 7.5 foot Leaders

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Umpqua 7.5ft Leaders- These Umpqua leader are knot less and are good for fishing the smaller streams.The taper on these leaders was developed by fly fishing legend, Dave Whitlock and have been a favorite of serious anglers for many years. The 7.5-foot version is a good leader for big dries, windy days and a good all-purpose nymphing leader. It is also a good leader for beginning anglers that will turn over easier than longer leaders.

Size 0X 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7X
 Butt Diameter .023" .023" .023" .021" .021" .021" .019" .019"
Tippet Diameter .011" .010" .009" .008" .007" .006" .005" .004"
Test Pounds 15lb 13.5lb 10.7lb 8.5lb 6lb 5lb 3.5lb 2.5lb