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Winston Pure 6'6" 3 weight Fly Rod Outfit

Winston Pure 6'6" 3 weight Fly Rod Outfit

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The Winston Pure 6'6" 3-weight 4pc fly rod is an outstanding rod to use when fishing small streams where accuracy and delicacy are very important. The "Pure" design produces a tight loop at all distances making it a joy to use. I comfortably fish drys down to size 24 and nymphs up to size 8 with this rod. The rod case measures 21.5" so it is very convenient for traveling and back packing into remote streams.

Outfit #1 includes:

  • Winston Pure 663-4 Rod with case and lifetime warranty
  • Hardy Marquis LWT 4 Fly Reel
  • Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout WF-3-F Fly Line
  • 20lb 100yds backing