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Winston Pure 9' 5-weight Fly Rod Outfit

Winston Pure 9' 5-weight Fly Rod Outfit

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The Winston Pure 9ft 5-weight 4pc rod is a big trout rod. This is a great rod to use when floating the Yellowstone and other large rivers. It is perfect to use with a size 8 Dave's Hopper Dry with a size 16 Bead Head Prince Nymph on a 2ft dropper below it. Then when you get down to the riffle put on your extra spool with a size 5 Sink Tip III Line and swim a size 6 Sculpin along the stream bottom. 

Back in the East this rod would serve you well on the Oconalufte River in North Carolina and on the Hidden Valley of the Jackson in Virginia. 

Combo Includes:

  • Winston Pure 9ft 5-weight 4pc fly rod with case and lifetime warranty
  • Orvis Battenkill Disc II Reel
  • Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout WF-5-F Fly Line
  • 20lb 100yds backing