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Learn to Fly Fish

Learn to Fly Fish Virginia - On the Stream Fly Fishing Schools with Murray's Fly Shop since 1962

Slow down, go outside, have fun, enjoy quality time with friends or family, enjoy life & FLY FISH MORE!

Virginia Fly Fishing Lessons and Schools since 1962.
Have fun while you Learn to Fly Fish with Murray’s Fly Shop’s knowledgable and patient instructors.

How do you like to learn?  Hands-On? Reading Books/ Articles? Watching Videos?
Hands-On – We love this one! Check out our workshops, classes, half day lessons and full day On-the-Stream Schools.  Do you prefer to read about fly fishing? Check out our Fly Fishing Articles, our Fly Fishing Blog and great selection of Fishing Books.  Do you prefer Watching Videos? You might like our Nuts and Bolts Fly Fishing Videos or our DVD’s.

Learn to Fly Fish Virginia in one of our On-The-Stream Fly Fishing Lessons held in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia – Our On-the-Stream fly fishing lessons are available for both Smallmouth Bass and Native Brook Trout (Mountain Trout) to provide you with a fun hands-on way to learn.

Learn to Tie Flies in one of our Hands-On Fly Tying ClassesLearn to tie flies in one of our  Fly Tying Classes which are available throughout the winter months at the fly shop in Edinburg, VA.

Learn to Fly Fish in one of our Hands-On Fly Fishing Workshops – These two hour Fly Fishing Workshops are conducted throughout the Winter months at the fly shop in Edinburg, VA.  These classes include topics on; Fly Fishing for Trout, Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Nymphing Dynamics, Fly Fishing the Shenandoah and Fly Casting & Rigging Tackle.

Virginia Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Lessons on the Shenandoah River - Learn to Fly Fish - Murray's Fly Shop

Virginia Smallmouth Bass on the Shenandoah River – Fly Fishing Lessons

Are you new to fly fishing? Do you wish you understood flyfishing a little better? How about casting your flies farther? Maybe you’re saying, “I just want to learn what fly fishing is all about”.  If you answered yes to any of these questions then a Fly Fishing Class might be a perfect fit for you.

Wether you are a beginner in the fly fishing world hoping to cast a fly rod and land a fish, or have been fishing for decades, you will come away with a wealth of information from our fly fishing schools and classes.  You will find a palpable passion for our love of fly fishing and our desire to share the beautiful waters. We feel a day spent outdoors knee deep in a clear stream or watching the sunrise over the ocean with a fly rod in hand is the perfect way to enjoy life.

Since opening our doors in 1962, we have shared our passion of fly fishing.  All of our instructors share this passion and are carefully selected by Harry.  These fly fishing schools, classes and workshops will help you enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family with a fly rod in hand.  Let us share our Fly Fishing passion with you.

Slow down, go outside, have fun, enjoy quality time with friends or family & FLY FISH MORE!

Would you like more information? Fill out our contact form or give us a call.  We’re happy to help!