On The Stream Virginia Fly Fishing Schools

Fly Fishing Lessons – Learn to Fly Fish in our On-the-Stream Virginia Fly Fishing Lessons for Smallmouth Bass or Native Brook Trout

Learn to fly fish for mountain trout in our on the stream schools - Pictured is a young lady standing in a mountain stream with holding a fly rod and a brook trout Learn to Fly Fish on the Shenandoah River in Virginia - Pictured is a man standing in the Shenandoah River casting a fly rod

Virginia's oldest Fly Fishing School.  We have been teaching Fly Fishing Lessons at Murray's Fly Shop since 1962.

Learn to fly fish in our On The Stream Virginia Fly Fishing Lessons for Smallmouth Bass or Native Brook Trout.  Harry Murray developed our fly fishing lessons in 1962 and we have refined them to ensure they are the most informative and educational fly fishing lessons anywhere.  We schedule our On The Stream Lessons at the optimum time of year for your greatest learning success.

On the Stream Fly Fishing School - Fly Fishing Lesson - Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina

What Can You Expect:

Whether you take the trout school or the bass school, each day begins at 9 a.m. with an interactive and dynamic presentation which covers: reading the water, fly fishing equipment and gear, fly fishing techniques, leaders, knot tying and fly selection.  After the classroom presentation and discussion, we are ready to go fishing.  You will then head to the stream for the one-on-one instruction with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic fly fishing instructor.  Once on the stream, the personalized/customized part of our On The Stream Fly Fishing lesson begins.  We will work with you on the various aspects of fly fishing on a one-on-one basis.  Our day normally finishes around 5 p.m.

What's Included in the On The Stream Fly Fishing Schools?

Whether you take the trout school or the bass school, we provide the fly rod and fly reel outfit for free for you to use for the day and the fly fishing instruction.

What's Not Included in the On The Stream Fly Fishing Schools?

We do not provide Waders/Wading Boots, Fishing License, Flies, Lunch, or Lodging.

Ask questions!  Did something you read not make sense? Did we say something that confused you? Do you want to practice casting? How about identifying insects or maybe how to tie a new knot? We will work through these questions with you to ensure you walk away at the end of the lesson better prepared for your next fishing trip.

Visit our fly shop at:

121 S. Main St, (P.O. Box 156), Edinburg, VA 22824 or call 540-984-4212