Collection: Featured Flies of the Month

Harry Murray's recommended fly list  for this time of the year.  (April 2024)

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Mountain Trout Native Brook Streams --

 Mr. Rapidan Parachute Dry size 14, 16 Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle Nymph, Olive size 14
Mr. Rapidan Emerger size 14 Mr. Rapidan Delta Wing Caddis, Olive size 14
Mr. Rapidan Bead Head Nymph size 14 Blue Quill Dry size 16
March Brown Nymph size 14 March Brown Dry size 14

Smallmouth Bass Rivers -- We are still early in the season but we have been landing a few smallmouth bass.  Prime time May - September

 Bass Caddis Nymph Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite, Black size 4
Murray's Magnum Hog Sucker size 4 Murray's Madtom Sculpin Black size 4
Murray's Magnum Darter size 4 Murray's Crayfish, size 6
Tungsten Cone Head Marauder, Olive size 4 Bass Stonefly Nymph
Murray's Strymph Olive size 4 Tungsten Cone Head Marauder, Black size 4

Stocked Trout Streams & Delayed Harvest Areas-- It's April and the DWR will continue stocking streams throughout VA. Be sure to have your trout license, freshwater license and National Forest license (if needed).  Heritage Day is April 6!

Perdigon Nymph size 12 Mr. Rapidan Midge Dry
Hippie Stomper Dark Stonefly Nymph size 12
Mr. Rapidan Dry size 14 Mr. Rapidan Soft Hackle, Brown size 14, 16
Tungsten Pearl Marauder size 10 Tungsten Black Marauder size 10
Birchell's Hatching Midge Murray's Crayfish size 10 olive