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Shenandoah Simple Streamer

Shenandoah Simple Streamer

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This is a new exclusive series we are adding to the line this year which we've been developing for many years. They are all streamlined so they cast smoothly and sink quickly. The size 6 are used for bass and the size 10 are used for trout.

Silver Ghost- A great shiner imitation. Fish these over the shallow gravel bars and along the grassbeds.

Skunk Streamer- This mimics the sculpin minnows. Fish it deeply below the riffles with a slow stripping action.

Sunrise Streamer- I catch my fish on this which feed on the natural sunfish along the banks and below the tails of the islands. 

Midnight Streamer- This will catch those large fish that feed on natural madtoms. Fish these with a very slow stripping action below the riffles.

Nine-Three Streamer- I reworked this old standard fly to mimic the natural dace minnows.  Fish these with a slow stripping action in the tails of the pools and along the shaded banks.

The Sunrise, Silver Ghost, and Skunk in size 6 work well for SHAD fishing too!