Gear and Gear Care Tips

  • Winterizing Fly Tackle

    Learn how to winterize your tackle to make sure it provides a long serviceable life.

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  • Dry Fly Floatant Comparison

    We compare many readily available dry fly floatant's in this article.

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  • Cleaning and Disinfecting your Gear

    Disinfecting your gear to prevent the spread of invasive species should be at the front of every traveling angler's mind.

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  • Fly Tying Weight Chart

    We provide a comparison of different eyes, heads, beads and weights.

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  • Standard Fly Line Weight Chart

    This is the AFFTMA Fly Line Weight Chart

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  • Selecting a Fly Rod

    Beyond brand and cosmetics; Harry discusses how to select a fly rod you will be happy with.

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  • Choosing a Fly Line

    We discuss the process of narrowing down what you need in a fly line.

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