Virginia Bass or Trout Fly Fishing Guide Trips with Murray's Fly Shop

Hyde Rocky Mountain Skiff - drift boat sitting on a river ready for anglers to take it down the Shenandoah River in Virginia looking for smallmouth bass

Take a Virginia Fly Fishing Guide Trip with us for smallmouth bass or trout within two hours of Washington, D.C. Harrisburg, PA and Roanoke, VA.  We conduct our trout guide trips in the beautiful Shenandoah National Park and George Washington National Forest for native brook trout.  Our smallmouth bass guide trips are conducted on the Shenandoah River (North or South Fork depending on water levels).

Smallmouth Bass being held by a happy fly fisherman

Since 1962 we have guided fly fishing trips in the heart of Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.  We are located in Edinburg, VA on Rt. 11 just off I-81 (Exit 279).  Approximately 30 minutes south of Winchester, VA. and 30 minutes north of Harrisonburg, VA.

Experience peace and quiet with a fly rod in your hand while enjoying the great outdoors. Rejuvenating your soul while standing knee deep in a beautiful stream fishing for Smallmouth Bass or Native Brook Trout. A fun, relaxing day spent on a Fly Fishing Guided Trip for Trout or Smallmouth Bass with one of our experienced fly fishing guides will surely create memories to last a lifetime.

Private Instruction - Do you want someone to teach you to catch native brook trout with dry flies on a small mountain stream? Or do you want someone to row you down the Shenandoah River while you cast popping bugs for beautiful and energetic smallmouth bass? One thing is for sure, a day spent on the waters is never wasted and with the company of one of our guides, you just might make a new friend here in the Shenandoah Valley; a fly fishing friend who loves to be on the water with their fly rod!

Check your calendars and book your trip as early as possible to ensure we have guides available.

What does a Guided Fly Fishing Trip consist of?

  • Your fishing guide will be up and at it well before your meeting time making sure they have all the gear.  We will gladly furnish high quality fly rod outfits for your use for the day, if needed.
  • Full day guide trips run for eight hours and include a sandwich lunch, water and snacks. Any deviation from these hours or details is up to you and your guide.  Please advise of special dietary needs when you schedule your guide trip.
  •  You will meet your guide at a pre-arranged location at the agreed upon time for a "double check" of necessary gear, then it's off to the water.
  • Once on the water, you and your guide are on "river time". What does this mean? Slow Down, relax, breathe and let the day (or maybe the fish) dictate what comes next. Do you want to practice casting or look at insects or hike in to a remote stream or take pictures or learn to tie a knot? Let's do it.  The day is yours, let us experience it with you the next time you want to get away for a little fishing! We bet you will walk away recharged, even if you are ready for a nap by the end of the day. 

What Is Not Provided?

  • Waders and wading gear is not provided for guide trips.  You can purchase waders and wading gear from us or you can bring your own. If you are taking a trout trip then hip boots or chest high waders will be adequate.  If you are taking a bass trip in May to mid June, September to October then you will need chest high waders. From mid June through August the water is warm enough that you can wade wet with a hard sole fishing boot.
  • Raincoat, change of clothes
  • Flies are not provide for guide trips.  You can purchase flies from our fly shop (we can make recommendations) or you can bring your own.  Do you tie your own flies?  That's great, call us ahead of time and we can make recommendations so you can tie enough flies for your guided trip.
  • Virginia Freshwater Fishing License.  You can purchase these at the fly shop or you can purchase online at

Trout Fly Fishing Guide Trips

a fly fishing angler fishing a native brook trout stream with a waterfall in front of him and beautiful green trees and bushes on the sides of the stream

Native Brook Trout! We guide these walk/wade trips in and around the beautiful Shenandoah National Park and George Washington National Forest in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley and a short drive from our fly shop in Edinburg, Virginia

native brook trout picture taken underwater after releasing the fishPrime time for Guided Trout Fly Fishing Trips: Late March until mid-June (these dates are approximate and weather dependent). Please note that we do not conduct trout trips in the Fall as the brook trout are spawning.  We typically fish with fly rods that are 6 1/2 ft to 8 ft. long and handle a 2 to 4 weight fly line.  This type of small stream fly fishing calls for leaders that are 6ft - 7 1/2ft in 4x or 5x.  We use assorted dry flies and nymphs depending on the time of the year.  (Please see above for what is/what isn't provided for guide trips.)

Walk/Wade Trout Trip
$475 for one or two people per day   |   $525 for three people   |   $575 for four people

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Guide Trips

fly fishing person standing in the water fishing across the current with a fly rod and streamer or minnow imitation

Shenandoah River Smallmouth Bass!  Our Bass Guide Trips are conducted on the North and South Fork of the Shenandoah River which are both a short drive from our fly shop in Edinburg, Virginia.

Prime Times for Guided Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Trips: early-May until mid-October (these dates are approximate and weather dependent.) We typically fish with fly rods that are 8 ft. to 9ft long that are set up for a 6 to 8 weight fly line. We typically use a Classic Leader or Bright Butt Leader in 9ft. 2X or 3X. (Please see above for what is/what isn't provided for guide trips.)

Smallmouth Bass caught in Virginia by a fly fisherman - FlyfishvaWalk/Wade Smallmouth Bass Trip
$475 for one or two people per day   |   $525 for three people   |   $575 for four people


man fighting a fish from a blue raft on a river - the Shenandoah river of Virginia and the fish is a smallmouth bass Float Smallmouth Bass Trip
$475 per day (includes 1 boat with one or two people)
We use a variety of boats to float the various sections of the North and South Fork of the Shenandoah River. We have a Raft with a fishing frame and a Hyde Rocky Mountain Skiff for our float trips.

brook trout stream with waterfalls and beautiful trees and shrubs surrounding the high gradient stream

Ready to Book your Guide Trip?

Book your guide trip today - 540-984-4212.  

We will need the following information from you when you call 

  1. dates you would like to go (first choice, second choice)
  2. what type of fishing do you want to experience (trout/wading, bass/wading, bass/float)
  3. how many people for the trip

After we receive this information we will check with our guides and call you back.  A $75 deposit is due upon booking a guide trip and the remainder will be due the day before your guide trip.  Please see our cancellation policy below.


Cancellation Policy:

What if you need to cancel your trip?
Cancelling more than 30 days before your trip=Full Deposit of $75 will be refunded.
Cancelling 8-30 days before your trip=Full Deposit of $75 will be issued via a Murray's Fly Shop Gift Certificate
Cancelling 7 days or less before your trip=No Refund

What if Murray's Fly Shop cancels your trip?
If at any time we cancel your trip, you will receive a full refund.

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