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We have compiled several Fly Fishing Articles and Fly Fishing Related Information by Harry Murray and the folks at Murray's Fly Shop to help you improve your fly fishing experiences.  Many of these articles cover our most often asked questions.  Please give us a call if you have any questions or comments (540-984-4212). Have a suggestion for an article you think might be beneficial to others? Email us, Messenger us or give us an old fashioned phoned call.  We would love to hear your suggestions.

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    • Early Season Nymphing in Small Mountain Streams

      Cold weather and cold water bring the need for nymph fishing. Learn the techniques for conquering the small streams with nymphs.

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    • Smallmouth Bass Nymph Fishing

      Harry discusses how Smallmouth Bass Nymph Fishing can be your best chance of success in cold or high water.

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    • 1985 Murray's Hellgrammite Article

      Read Harry's Hellgrammite article in the December 1985 Flyfishing Magazine

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    • Beginnings of Murray's Fly Shop

      Harry's brief history of how Murray's Fly Shop got it's start.

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    • Mountain Trout Fishing

      Read our overview of early season Mountain Trout fishing. We discuss insects hatches, flies and equipment.

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    • Smallmouth Bass Minnow Matching Tactics

      Matching the right streamer in the right water at the right time of the year makes all the difference.

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