1985 Flyfishing Magazine Article "Murray's Hellgrammite"

A very good friend from Anchorage, AK recently found his copy of Flyfishing Magazine (Amato Publishing) dated December 1985 tucked away in a stack of magazines in his plumbing shop.  He says, "I have no idea why I saved that magazine".  In this issue the following article "Murray's Hellgrammite" by Harry Murray can be found. Dave, our AK friend, did not have any connection to anyone in the Murray family or to Murray's Fly Shop in 1985.  The sheer coincidence of a friend 4000 miles away finding he saved this magazine, from 35 years ago, is quite amazing.  In the effort to pass on the karma, we decided to publish the article here for your enjoyment.

Flyfishing Magazine December 1985 with Harry Murray's article Murray's Hellgrammite
Murray's Hellgrammite Article in Flyfish Magazine December 1985
Murray's Hellgrammite article in Flyfish Magazine December 1985. Photograph of Charles F. Waterman smallmouth bass fishing on the North Fork of the Shenandoah near Edinburg, Virginia
Murray's Hellgrammite Fly Tying Instruction from Flyfishing Magazine December 1985
Murray's Hellgrammite article in December 1985 copy of Flyfishing Magazine