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Murray's Marauder

Murray's Marauder

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I developed the Marauder Series of flies initially to use while fly fishing for smallmouth bass. However, in the twenty years we have offered them we have found, and have been sent many dozens of pictures, they are very effective for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, carp and trout throughout the world. They have caught Blues, Specs, Sea Trout, Redfish and Rockfish in saltwater. Sizes 6 and 8 have a dumbbell eye and sizes 10 and 12 have a bead head.

The Black Marauder is great in sizes 10 and 12 on small trout streams and sizes 6 and 8 are excellent on bass rivers and large trout streams.

The Pearl Marauder is a great red fish fly as well as being excellent in Alaska for trout and salmon. For bass fish this in size 6 in the deep parts of the pools. 

The Chartreuse Marauder is very effective for smallmouth bass when they don't want standard flies. Here the size 10 is a great dropper for bass when fished on a three foot 2X piece of mono below a size 4 Shenandoah Blue Popper.

The Brown Marauder is good for smallmouths when fished along the shaded banks with a slow stripping action.

The Olive Marauder is one of my favorite streamers for trout on large rivers in the Rockies. It gives us many huge carp each year and it is very dependable for smallmouths in all parts of the pools.

 Check out our Fly Tying Instructions for the Murray's Marauder.