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Murray's Magnum Streamers

Murray's Magnum Streamers

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Designed for the fly fishing guys and girls targeting large bass and trout, these streamers have come about after many years of testing. These are available in size 4 and every year we catch some of our largest bass with these.  

Magnum Hog Sucker- I have seen large bass chase these real bait fish up on gravel bars to feed on them. Fish these over gravel bars and cobblestone stream bottoms with a slow stripping bottom.

Magnum Gray Ghost- Fish these tight against aquatic grassbeds and along the gravel bar drop offs where the natural shiners live.

Magnum Chartreuse Streamer- Fish these at dusk and dawn in the deep pools with a six inch stripping action every ten seconds.

Magnum Darter- Fish these in the tails of the pools over the cobblestone stream bottoms, especially at dusk.

Magnum Creek Chub- This mimics the great numbers of natural creek chub minnows that the bass feed on in the middle of the pools. Cover these whole areas by stripping these deeply six inches every ten seconds.

Magnum Bluegill- Fish these with a slow swimming action along the two to three foot deep banks where the natural bluegills live and you will catch many bass.