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  • Murray's Black Heavy Hellgrammite
  • Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite Series
  • Murray;s Heavy Hellgrammite
  • Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite, Olive
  • Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite, Brown
  • Murray's Heavy Hellgrammite, Black
  • Murray's Brown Heavy Hellgrammite
  • Murray's Olive Heavy Hellgrammite
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Murray's Hellgrammite, Heavy Lead-Eye

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Fishing the Murray's Hellgrammite from Murray's Fly Shop on Vimeo.

The Heavy Hellgrammites are my favorite and most productive smallmouth flies. I tied and tested many styles of hellgrammites before I settled for these. Fish them upstream dead drift in all of the deep pockets below the riffles or down and across stream with a slow six inch stripping action. We tie these in three colors because at various times the bass prefer a different color. We also catch many large browns and rainbows with these in the large trout river in the Rockies each year.