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  • Murray's Dark Stonefly Nymph Fly
  • Murray's Stonefly Nymph Flies Stonefly nymph stone Fly nymph murrays Fly Shop
  • Murray's Yellow Stonefly Nymph Dry
  • Murray's Dark Miracle Stonefly Nymph
  • Murray's Yellow Miracle Stonefly Nymph
  • Murray's Miracle Stonefly Nymph Stonefly nymph stone Fly nymph murrays Fly Shop
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Murray's Miracle Stonefly Nymph

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Yellow Stonefly Nymph- Many freestone trout streams have great numbers of these beautiful little nymphs living in the moss which covers the boulders below the water level and in the leaf jams. The hatch may last several months so fish these nymphs dead drift beside these boulders and in the back eddies. The strikes are often very gentle so keep alert when fishing these Little Yellow Stonefly Nymphs.

Dark Stonefly Nymph- This natural nymph is present in most freestone streams and the trout feed heavily upon them. I get my best action by fishing these upstream dead drift along the stream bottom in the deep pockets below the riffles. In order to help detect the strikes I use my Bright Butt Leader with two Scientific Anglers Indicators spaced along it.