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Fly Tying Classes

Learn to tie flies!  Fly Fishing and Tying Flies go hand in hand for many fly anglers.  The gratification of catching a fish on something you tied is rewarding in many ways.  Winters are long in many parts of fly fishing country and what better way to help fend off cabin fever than to Learn to Tie Flies in one of our Fly Tying Classes at the fly shop in Edinburg, VA.  These classes cover fly tying techniques for the beginner as well as for the advanced fly tier.

Basic Fly Tying Class Learn to Tie Flies

These classes are will resume in the fall of 2014 and winter of 2015. 

Basic | Beginner Fly Tying Class

New to fly tying?  This fly tying class covers the fundamentals of fly tying to develop a solid core understanding in which to build your future fly tying skills.  We cover how to tie trout dry flies, nymph, streamers and deer hair bass bugs.  Do we actually tie flies in this class? Yes.  At the end of class you will have tied several flies to use on your next outing.  We have fly tying kits available to use or for purchase to ensure you get the most out of these classes.

fly-tyingAdvanced Fly Tying Class

In this fly tying class we will tie both new and old patterns to develop your skills. These flies include favorite trout drys, terrestrials, emergers and smallmouth bass flies. Those who have taken the basic fly tying class can use this to expand their skills, however, this is open to all fly tyers except beginners.