Stonefly Nymph

Delayed Harvest and Large Trout Streams fly Fishing Report- June 13, 2017

Bitch Creek Nymph, Mr. Rapidan Brown Soft Hackle Nymph and Casual Dress Nymph.
Big trout go for big flies so show them big nymphs such as a Bitch Creek Nymph size 8, Mr. Rapidan Brown Soft Hackle Nymph size 8 and Casual Dress Nymph size 10. The heavy water on the Bullpasture, the riffles in the Hidden Valley of the Jackson and the riffles on Big Stoney Creek hold many large nymphs. If the streams get high use a Sonar Sink Tip III Sinking Tip Fly Line with a Murray's Fluorocarbon 6 foot 3X Sinking Line Leader.
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