Mountain Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - December 19, 2019

Posted by Harry Murray on

I saw several trout rising in a quiet back water on the far side of the stream. They seemed out of place for as cold as it was and the numerous snowy banks that were along the stream. It wasn't until I saw the little black stoneflies resting on the snow that I realized what the trout were feeding upon.

Putting a size 18 Murray's Little Dark Stonefly Dry on a 6X Classic Leader, I caught several of these trout. For the next hour I worked my way upstream taking other trout on this fly from the protected eddies. I do not find this every day during the winter but when I do find it, I enjoy it.

The Skyline Drive reopened on Tuesday December 17. The conditions can change quickly on the mountains so be sure to call 540-999-3500, option 1, option1 for the latest updates.

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