Mountain Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report - February 27, 2020

Posted by Harry Murray on

The Epeorus pleuralis mayfly nymphs are growing rapidly in the lower sections of the riffles and even though it is several weeks until they usually hatch the trout are on the lookout for them and grab any they see. This is the largest hatch on many mountain trout streams in the mid-Atlantic area and is the one hatch I can honestly say I've seen clouds of the adults in the air. This is well matched with a Mr. Rapidan Bead Head Nymph size 12 or 14. Fish these upstream dead drift right into the lower section of the riffle on the Murray's Trout Nymph Leader 9ft 5X which is tied with two Scientific Anglers Indicators in the taper. 

If you look closely at the gill cover on the natural Epeorus pleuralis mayfly pictured, you will see why the Mr. Rapidan Bead Head is so effective.

These streams are still cold and we are pushing the season a little so be patient. Some of the lower sections of the streams are carrying extra water so you will get better water levels by coming in off the Skyline Drive. For updates on the Skyline Drive road closures/openings you can call 540-999-3500, option 1, option 1.

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