Harry Murray Mountain Trout Stream Fly Fishing

Mountain Trout Streams Fly Fishing Report- May 1, 2018

Blue Quill Dry, March Brown Nymph and Mr. Rapidan Parachute
Watch for trout feeding aggressively close to the stream banks.These may look like surface feeders but many are trout feeding on exposed march brown nymphs as they make their mini-migration to these shallows to hatch into duns. A very effective technique is to attach a Mr. Rapidan Parachute size 14 to a Murray's Classic 7.5 foot 5X Leader. Then attach a March Brown Nymph size 14 to a twenty four inch dropper below this. You will catch many more trout with this combination than with either fly alone. There are still many trout feeding on adult blue duns so keep an eye out for their delicate riseforms and show them a Blue Quill Dry size 16.
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