Selecting a Fly Line

Selecting a Fly Line to meet your needs  

Selecting a fly line - murrays fly shop fly fishing

Harry Murray relies on the Scientific Anglers VPT Floating Line for his trout fishing with rods from 2 to 5 weight for the accuracy and delicacy they give.

I receive many phone calls and emails asking about selecting a fly line for the different types of fly fishing.  So in today's Podcast, I will be discussing the different fly lines and leaders I use all across the country for trout, bass and in saltwater.  I will elaborate on why I use each line selected to meet the various angling conditions such as the depth of the water I am fishing and the speed of the current.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO MY PODCAST

Choosing a fly line
In this type of smallmouth water Harry carries a weight forward floating line, a sink tip III line and a fast sinking head line. As he moves from one type water to the next these lines enable him to effectively fish his flies at the depths he desires.

Mastery VPT Fly Lines
Mastery Expert Distance Fly Lines
Sonar Sink Tip III Fly Lines
Sonar Sink 30 Clear Fly Lines
Sonar Sink 30 Warm Fly Lines
Sharkwave Siege Floating Fly Lines
Mastery Bonefish Floating Fly Lines

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