Smallmouth Bass & Carp Streams Fly Fishing Report - July 23, 2020

Posted by Harry Murray on

We have had some localized thunderstorms and rain showers over the last few days but so far we have not had enough rain to affect the river conditions. The North and South Fork of the Shenandoah River are clear so wade carefully. 

Often when we are smallmouth fishing at this time of year, we will see carp feeding and we can't resist them.  We often see them "tailing" in water one to three feet deep. We spot them by seeing muddy water streaming downstream from their bottom feeding in water 4 to 6 feet deep. I use a Murray's Carp Fly in brown or olive in size 6. Cast these ahead of your feeding carp and strip them slowly along the stream bottom. 

Our guides and clients have been doing well for smallmouth bass on an Olive Marauder size 6 and Murray's Crayfish size 6 this week.  Fish these on a Bright Butt 9ft 2X Leader. 

  Ft. CFS
North Fork at Mount Jackson 2.39 45.6
North Fork at Strasburg 1.85 135
South Fork at Luray 2.69 694

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